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The Moon does not have its own light, it reflects light from the Sun and Stars which gives it the appearance of producing its own light. We can only see the moon because of sunlight. Same way, we can only be seen or be productive in our endeavors because of our alignment and Cooperation with our Maker and Father, Jehovah. The song Cooperate is a cry and prayer of submission to Gods will for our lives, businesses, relationships, and all our endeavors.
When we Corporate with the Holy Spirit in our daily activities , Selfishness (which is the ultimate reason we sin) will be kicked out the door thereby allowing Gods will prevail in our affairs, causing us to thrive in all we do.
Corporate is a call to know what God wants from us per time and doing it despite what it seemingly might take from us which is always for our good. When we Cooporate , our lives become Corporate ,beautiful and Orderly. Then we start to reflect Gods light only when we align and Corporate with Him because we ordinarily do not have light of our own.

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Ebipade Bobby Donye also known musically as Bobby Jackson is a Nigerian gospel singer born in the early 80s. He is a singer,  song writer and record producer .He started recording songs as a teenager and later joined the Blackfellas and the Z.A squad, a group of young talented musicians . The group recorded a couple of songs including the hit single “How una wan do us” which got a lot of popularity and air play.
Bobby Jackson later in 2007, recorded his first self titled single  with Mega X Records.
His music career transformed in 2011 when he emerged 2nd runner up at the gospel Voice music competition that held in Spirit and Life Bible Church in Abuja.
Bobby Jackson is a Praise Worship leader in Spirit and Life Family Bible Church in Benin City, Edo state,  Nigeria. He has recorded and worked with Alec Godwin, Estee and Keffee (Rip),  Samsong, Kbk Junior and Joan Paul,  Godwin  Idios ,Wizzy  Pro, Maxxy J,  Family Sound and the list goes on.
He has  recorded three albums,  has written and arranged songs for music personalities all over the country and has released several singles amongst which are Victory,  Most High,  Only You,  etc.
His albums include self titled Bobby Jackson produced by Mega X,  The Good News of Bobby Jackson  produced by Maxxy J and bobby jackson and The Hand of God produced by Top Age and Maxxy J.
He is currently signed to KBK RECORD, an Arkmuzik Intl Management label and he is also a member of the Aplus Club 360 family. He is happily married to Dr Mrs Odufa Faith Donye.


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